Hi! I am Sheel

I am a Master’s graduate from the Human Factors and Applied Cognition program at George Mason University. I love the thinking aspect of User Experience research which helps enhance the making of the product. I like the part that it helps cultivate a more user-centered environment around us which often goes unnoticed until it does not conform to our needs. My research interests include human-computer interaction (HCI), human-robot interaction, user experience, iterative product development, among others. Here you will find some of my work as a Human Factors student as well as some self-assignments in my effort to begin my journey in this field.

Outside of the realm of the academics, I enjoy watching and reading about sports (mainly basketball, football and cricket), writing motivational quotes, doodling, and spending some quality family time. If things had turned out differently, I would probably be a Sports Analyst, or a coach (just my wishful thinking).

Project Highlights