Usabilathon 2017

[In collaboration with Keiko Gurley and Yasmin Diederiks]


The Usabilathon is a platform to showcase and promote the field of human factors through active partnerships between academia and industry. Through this partnership, up-and-coming graduate professionals in Human Factors and in UX related fields get the opportunity to tackle real world client-driven problems. Over one day, participants design, iterate, and develop solutions to these pressing problems. By participating in the Usabilathon, students showcase their skills to some of leading companies in the Human Factors/UX space.

Fors Marsh Group and Facebook collaborated to create the program for this year’s event which challenges students to create a photo-sharing and visual-messaging app that would resonate with teenagers across three markets (Japan, Brazil, and the United States). The challenge is to leverage the skills taught and developed in the classroom. Specifically, conduct a competitive usability evaluation on current apps,task analyses on the photo sharing decision-making process, create mockups of the design, and form a proposal to evaluate the new app’s effectiveness.


Implementing methods learned in the classroom such as task analysis and user testing, we created a solution named “Filters+Plus”. It targets the main goal highlighted by Facebook to device solutions for the people and build a community feeling over the web.