Job Seeker Website


Following usability methods and principles, design a job seeker website. To ensure that the website meets user expectations and offers ease-of-use, implement several research methods (ex. hierarchical task analysis, procedural task analysis, use cases) before creating a prototype


Following are the final submissions for each method. The methods are 1) Hierarchical Task Analysis, 2) Hierarchical-Procedural Task Analysis, 3) Procedural Task Analysis, 4) Use Cases, and 5) Prototype (

1) Hierarchical Task Analysis

This is a hierarchical task analysis in text and graphic form. It also contains user assumptions to supplement the tasks.

2) Hierarchical-Procedural Task Analysis

This is a hierarchical-procedural task analysis. It is a flowchart with clear direction in each task.

3) Procedural Task Analysis

This is a procedural task analysis in graphic form. Different tasks are shaded to differentiate them.

4) Use Cases

Below are preliminary use cases for the website.

5) Prototype

This is a prototype of the job seeker website – BreadWinner. The link to the prototype is –